Tereance Moore

What does your company offer?

We provide start-up support for entrepreneurs and assist existing small businesses to run their operations efficiently and effectively through HR, Marketing, Leadership development, and financial consultations. What makes your company different from other companies in the space? What sets your company apart from competitors?

Our company takes a holistic approach to support, offering hands-on development, mediation, in-kind resources and support from our clients and partners, and a focus on community engagement.

How can customers/members reach you?

Website: https://www.tereancemooreconsulting.com/
Twitter: @TereanceMoore
Facebook: tmooreconsultant
Instagram: @tereancemooreconsulting

Why did you join the Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce?

MBCC offered a networking and engaged experience contrary to the directory-based experience offered by the local Chamber. Tereance Moore Consulting, LLC also has a large black customer base, and partnering with MBCC allows us to tailor our experience to meet those clients’ concerns and wants.

What are you looking to get from your membership?

A network of business owners with expertise that can assist me and my clients. A network who are dealing with similar obstacles and challenges.